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Dr. Nafees Hamid

Dr. Nafees Hamid

Senior Research Fellow

Nafees Hamid is a Senior Research Fellow at ICSR as well as a Fellow at ARTIS International, and an Associate Fellow at the International Centre for Counter-Terrorism – The Hague. His research focuses on the psychology of radicalisation as well as on social fragmentation in Western countries. His research includes ethnographic interviews, survey studies, social network analysis, and psychology and neuroscience experiments with members of jihadist organisations, their friends and family, supporters of such networks, and the general communities from where they originate. He was a visiting scholar at the Santa Fe Institute where he helped develop complex systems models of radicalisation based on his ethnographic and survey data. He was a visiting researcher at the Neuroimaging Unit at the Autonomous University of Barcelona where he worked with neuroscientists on conducting the first-ever brain scan studies of jihadist supporters. He has also conducted research with White Nationalists and QAnon members.

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