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The King’s Programme for Middle East Dialogue

The King’s Programme for Middle East Dialogue

Every year ICSR offers six young leaders from Israel and Palestine the opportunity to develop their understanding of their country and region. This is done through a two-month residential programme at ICSR, where the fellows are able to interact with one another and explore contentious ideas in a neutral space.

The idea is for these young leaders to learn more about themselves—and, subsequently, ‘the other’—by engaging in research, debate and constructive dialogue.

This project is unique in its scope and ambition, offering the only fellowship of its kind within a British university. It is aimed at those who occupy positions from which they can shape politics and public opinion in both Israel and Palestine. The intention is to equip a future generation of leaders with a deeper understanding of themselves, their history, and the conflict they are living through, so that they can better appreciate the realities faced by all stakeholders in the region.

Upon completion of their fellowship, graduates of the programme join an ever- expanding alumni group that meets regularly to share ideas, learn new skills, and further develop their understanding of topical issues.

Recent Policy Reports

  • May102023

    Martyrdom in Lebanon: An Evolution of Memory-Making

    By Bronte Philips In a speech given on Hezbollah’s 11 November Martyrs’ Day in 2021,…

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  • Apr262023

    Meet Dr Fiona McEwen – XCEPT research

    Dr Fiona McEwen is the Survey and Interventions Director of the Cross-Border Conflict Evidence, Policy…

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  • Apr122023

    Financing Violent Extremism: An Examination of Maligned Creativity in the Use of Financial Technologies

    The full report can be accessed here. Please read on for the Executive Summary.  …

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