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Posts tagged with ‘Alexander Meleagrou-Hitchens’

  • Feb182016

    Al Qaeda’s Dangerous African Revival

    by ICSR Head of Research Alexander Meleagrou-Hitchens When a bomb went off on board a February 2 Daallo Airlines flight…

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  • Aug082013

    Al-Shabaab video invites Muslims “to the real Disneyland”

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  • Apr082013

    The New Far Right – 10 Issues and Questions

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  • Mar142013

    A Neo-Nationalist Network: The English Defence League and Europe’s Counter-Jihad Movement

    The English Defence League (EDL) and its European allies are building a pan-European far-right network. This is one of the…

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  • Dec112012

    Attempted Bomb Attack in Bonn/Germany

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  • Nov212012

    Lights, Camera, Jihad: al-Shabaab’s Western Media Strategy

    In recent years, dozens of young Muslims from Britain, Europe and North America have gone to Somalia to fight with…

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  • Nov192012

    Al-Shabaab: Recruitment and Radicalisation in Kenya

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  • Nov152012

    Launch of ICSR Report: al-Shabaab’s Western Media Strategy

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