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Posts tagged with ‘Britain’

  • May092013

    Counterterrorism: Why France Is Tougher Than Britain

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  • Mar042013

    Foreign Policy Research Institute: Between Engagement and a ‘Values-Led’ Approach

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  • Oct092012

    The British End of the German al Qaeda Documents

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  • Apr022011

    British Security Minister Outlines Key Elements of New Prevent Agenda

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  • Dec072010

    Channel 4 Investigates Anti-Ahmadi Sentiment in the UK

    Over the last few months, this blog has covered various news stories about the persecution of Ahmadi Muslims, both in…

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  • Aug272010

    Counting Britain’s Jihad

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  • Jun162010

    Al Muhajiroun and Islam4UK: The group behind the ban

    Click here to read the full report. This report is based primarily on the first in-depth academic interviews conducted with…

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  • Nov062009

    This is how we’ll get out of Afghanistan

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