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  • Jul012015

    ICSR Event – Re-examining Foreign Fighters: Over Time and Out of the Box

    Dr. David Malet, Associate Director of the Melbourne School of Government and author of Foreign Fighters (Oxford University Press, 2013),…

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  • Jun232015

    The roots of radicalisation? It’s identity, stupid

    by Shiraz Maher, Senior Research Fellow, ICSR This article was originally published in The Guardian What links a white Englishman from Buckinghamshire with…

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  • Jun022015

    ‘Till Martyrdom Do Us Part’ Gender and the ISIS Phenomenon

    Click here to read this paper in full. ‘Till Martyrdom Do Us Part’ Gender and the ISIS Phenomenon explores the phenomenon…

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  • Jan262015

    Foreign fighter total in Syria/Iraq now exceeds 20,000; surpasses Afghanistan conflict in the 1980s

    By Peter R. Neumann, ICSR Director The number of foreigners that have joined Sunni militant organizations in the Syria/Iraq conflict…

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  • Jan222015

    German foreign fighters in Syria and Iraq

    This article by ICSR Associate Fellow Daniel Heinke and Jan Raudszus appears in the current issue of CTC Sentinel, where sources…

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  • Oct242014

    Guardian and ICSR Document British fighters killed in Syria/Iraq Conflict

    In cooperation with the Guardian newspaper, ICSR has produced the most comprehensive documentation of British fighters killed in the Syria/Iraq…

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  • Sep242014

    ICSR Advises U.N. Security Council On Foreign Fighters

      Later today, U.S. President Barack Obama will introduce a landmark resolution at the UN Security Council in New York…

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  • Aug272014

    Offering Foreign Fighters in Syria and Iraq a Way Out

    This article was published by the Independent newspaper and is available here. By Shiraz Maher and Peter Neumann In yesterday’s Daily Telegraph, [London…

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  • Apr222014

    #Greenbirds: Measuring Importance and Influence in Syrian Foreign Fighter Networks

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  • Apr152014

    Who inspires the Syrian foreign fighters?

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