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Posts tagged with ‘IRA’

  • Jun112013

    Reuters: Britain takes security gamble with Northern Ireland G8

    ICSR Director Dr John Bew spoke to Reuters about security concerns surrounding the upcoming G8 Summit. For the full article,…

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  • Feb182013

    The Independent: IRA plans ‘big show’ to mark Easter Rising

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  • Jul222012

    Newsblog: 9-15 July

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  • Jan042012

    New Revelations About IRA Hunger Strikes

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  • Oct282011

    A Cause Without Rebels? ETA Changes its Tack

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  • Jul082011

    Newsblog: 2-8 July

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  • Jul012011

    Newsblog: 27 June – 1 July

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  • Apr122011

    The Rising Shadow of Dissident Irish Republicanism

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  • Nov122010

    Return of the Militants: Violent Dissident Republicanism

    The danger posed by groups such as the Real IRA and Continuity IRA is now at its greatest level in…

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  • Nov112010

    ICSR Releases New Report: Return of the Militants: Violent dissident Republicanism

    On Thursday, BBC Newsnight featured an exclusive report based on ICSR’s latest publication, Return of the Militants: Violent Dissident Republicanism, by…

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