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Posts tagged with ‘Islamists’

  • Aug122013

    In Syria there is Security, Stability… And Hope!

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  • Jan242013

    World Have Your Say: Algeria hostages – your questions

    ICSR’s Senior Research Fellow Shiraz Maher spoke to World Have Your Say about the Algeria hostage crisis. To listen in full,…

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  • Jun262012

    In the Aftermath of Egypt’s Elections

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  • May302012

    Negotiating With Boko Haram

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  • May092012

    In Responding to the Rise of Islamists Fear-mongering is Counterproductive

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  • Mar282012

    The Shar’iah Question in Northern Nigeria and the Failure of Political Islam

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  • Mar092012

    Responding to Boko Haram

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  • Mar052012

    Engaging With Al Shabaab

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  • Feb022012

    De-Radicalising Islamists: Programmes and Their Impact in Muslim Majority States

    ICSR’s latest paper identifies key factors that make de-radicalisation and counter-radicalisation programmes more effective. It can be accessed here. Written by…

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  • Jan032012

    The Scourge of Boko Haram

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