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Posts tagged with ‘Osama bin Laden’

  • Jan292015

    The Islamic State Model

    This article by ICSR’s Rena and Sami David Fellow Aaron Y. Zelin is part of the Islamist Politics in the Shadow…

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  • Apr092013

    Zero Dark Thirty

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  • Oct302012

    Al-Qaeda at the Crossroads: How the terror group is responding to the loss of its leaders & the Arab Spring

    The full paper can be accessed here. A new policy paper by ICSR argues that Al Qaeda is at its…

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  • May152012
    south african flag

    South Africa and the Abbotobad Documents

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  • May012012

    Osama Bin Laden Killed

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  • Jun242011

    Newsblog: 18–24 June

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  • Jun212011

    Ending Al-Qaeda

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  • May032011

    The Death of bin Laden: Whither al-Qaeda?

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  • May022011

    ICSR Insight – Jihadist Forums React to Osama bin Laden's Death

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  • Mar012011

    The Jasmine Revolution: From Redefining the Narrative to the Consolidation of Democracy

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